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Maintaining the Dark Skies of Jackson Hole

Maintaining the Dark Skies of Jackson Hole

A presentation I’ll be giving about light pollution in Jackson Hole

On Monday, April 28th, 2014, from 6-8pm, I’ll be giving a presentation at the Teton County Library Auditorium, Side B, about light pollution stemming from the town of Jackson. I’ve written about light pollution before, but in writing that blog post, I’ve learned quite a bit more about the effects, solutions, and even goals to achieve by minimizing its effects. In addition, I was also invited onto the board of Wyoming Stargazing, a non-profit that seeks to bring an observatory and planetarium to Jackson Hole, something that won’t be nearly as meaningful without cutting down on the light pollution emitted from the area.

Throughout the presentation, I’ll be showing examples of businesses and areas around town that are doing severe damage to our night skies, how they can very easily fix them, what the effects of light pollution on humans and wildlife are, speaking about International Dark Sky Association certification and why it matters, showing examples of other dark sky communities and how it impacted their tourism, and much more. – Continue reading

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A New Year’s Resolution You Can Actually Keep

Fog lifts around the Teton Mountains and above East Gros Ventre Butte as seen from the National Elk Refuge near Jackson, Wyoming.

Many people have made New Year’s Resolutions, and most won’t be kept. The problem with the average New Year’s Resolution is that it’s such a drastic departure from a normal routine that it becomes very easy to break. In most cases, it also comes at a cost that most people don’t want to experience: cutting out sugar; waking up much earlier to run; etc. Without seeing much evidence for any immediate change, old habits revert back to a natural routine. What if you could adapt a New Year’s Resolution that not only brought about noticeable change, but actually made you feel better? We’ve all experienced that feeling of invincibility, where nothing could bring us down. What if that feeling, where no matter what someone said we were still flying high, could become the norm? – Continue reading

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12 Favorite Photos from 2013


Mountain lion kittens sit cautiously behind their mother in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Certainly one of the most exciting moments of the year was when I found myself sharing a trail with cougars. This was not just the first time I had ever seen wild cougars, it was the first time I had ever seen wild cats at all. The excitement I felt in the moment was overwhelming, and equally was the disappointment when they began to run away. Taking ample time to fully immerse myself in the scene, and not just grab a few shots, it became a defining moment that I will not soon forget.


A coyote quietly sneaks through snow and sagebrush in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Yellowstone always provides a great getaway during the winter. Plenty of wildlife scours the blanket of snow for traces of food during the harsh winters, much of it unconcerned if a road crosses its path. – Continue reading

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Fighting Light Pollution in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Light pollution spills into the night sky from various area of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

For millenia now, humans have gazed up at the night sky in search of answers, clarity, and self-awareness. The night sky has always been a treasure chest of wonderment and puzzles, revealing clues not just about our past as a race, but about ourselves as well. Today, the fascination that a dark sky provides has given way to urban sprawl and modern conveniences, consistently keeping us disconnected from finding real meaning in our lives. Our historical amazement at a dark, night sky has now become nothing more than a faded photograph in our increasingly distant past. Dark skies have become a rarity not just in America, but in every developed nation, and are continuing to fade into the abyss of quite often, unnecessary illumination.

Fortunately, there are those who are willing to put everything they have into preserving the few dark skies we have left. – Continue reading

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Fixing the Economy While Relieving Predator Tension

A bison walks through the grasslands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota.

The American West is currently in a state of tensioned flux. The Old West built the foundation for the very land that we have come to love so much. The New West is trying to alter it in ways that upsets much of what The Old West was founded on. Both sides ignite angst in the other. The Old West cares about the land in its own way, wanting to preserve the land for ranching and recreation that founded the landscapes. Meanwhile, The New West wants to conserve everything, leaving The Old West wondering where there would be room for ranching. One solution could be simpler than we realize.

What people love about the American West is that there is still plenty of open space inspiring everyone who visits or who is fortunate enough to call a western region home. – Continue reading

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Rewilding the Earth and Human Evolution

George Monbiot speaks about the rewilding process at a TED conference and why it is so essential that we begin to take it seriously.
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In a brilliantly fantastic TED talk, George Monbiot breaks down the trophic cascade from the gray wolf and even takes it a step further as he cites other examples of ecosystems where similar effects have been lost. He then proceeds to discuss the "rewilding" process, a process by which we follow the Yellowstone wolf example and begin to reestablish ecosystems that have long since been decimated. One way or another, however, nature will once and for all force us into learning to coexist with it.

During the last century, humanity has had an extraordinary leap in its awareness and consciousness. Long gone are the days where it was standard practice to kill animals that got in your way or even met you on the trail. – Continue reading

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