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Jackson, Wyoming at Dusk

Lights of Jackson, Wyoming turn on as the day fades behind the Teton Mountains, as seen from Snow King.

Earlier this week I headed out onto Josie’s Ridge behind Snow King for the first time and was amazing that such incredible scenery was right in my backyard for so long without me even knowing. I headed back up the other night with my camera thinking it would be a great spot for sunset, but unfortunately the light wasn’t working quite as I thought it would.

I actually wound up getting a few shots on my way back that I wound up liking, including this one of downtown Jackson, Wyoming seen from part of the way up the Snow King Summit trail. Dusk was just beginning to settle over the landscape and town was lit up just perfectly with the Tetons behind it. - Continue reading

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Snow King Fourth of July Fireworks in Jackson Hole

Fourth of July fireworks of 2011 explode over the Snow King Ski Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

With my 5D still out, I wasn’t able to get the fireworks shots I was expecting since I was without a full-frame camera. I made the best of it though and headed over to the Snow King Ski Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to watch their annual Fourth of July fireworks show with my 7D.

Realizing early on that I wouldn’t be able to capture the full show, I made the best of the position I was in and looked for opportunities where fireworks both high and low were illuminating the mountain to give a sense of the landscape. I was shooting on bulb mode so that I could choose how long of an exposure to do depending on how many explosions were going on at the time. - Continue reading

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The 2011 IPSSSDR

The 2011 International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race gets underway in Jackson, Wyoming.

Last night kicked off the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race (IPSSSDR) of 2011 here in Jackson, Wyoming. The race is the lower 48′s version of the Iditarod. It’s a lengthy and challenging race that stretches from Jackson, Wyoming out to Lander, Wyoming, then back west before heading south all the way down to Park City, Utah. It features a host of International competitors, including challengers as well as champions of the Iditarod. It’s certainly something I would like to catch more of in the coming years. - Continue reading

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The Chicago Bean

People wander around the Chicago Bean in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

It’s not easy to find a unique angle on a site that hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of people visit every day. It makes it even more difficult when you haven’t really even looked into it much for some potentially new ideas.

Before leaving on my train trip last month, I knew I’d be visiting Chicago, Illinois for a short while both ways, but I never did look at a map to see what I would have immediate access to go visit. I learned that I was only stopping roughly a mile away from Millennium Park, home of the famous Bean. Both days I was there it was overcast, so I unfortunately didn’t get to get a nice blue sky reflecting in it, but that didn’t stop me from searching out what I could only hope was a unique angle on it. - Continue reading

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French Quarter Abstract

A front door and vines create an abstract image in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Loiusiana.

As mentioned, the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana makes for some great abstract photography. Bold colors and in this case, even plant life, can create an abstract photo as unique as any other location. This will probably be the last abstract blog post from the trip, so if you want to see more, be sure to visit the full gallery! - Continue reading

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French Quarter Abstract

An abstract photo of a front door found in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.

While you can do abstract photography virtually anywhere, there are few places I’ve come across where it’s as easy as it is in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. Bright, bold colors mix with old, weathered stone offering up limitless possibilities for photographers leaving every doorway to offer up a completely new shot. It’s why the French Quarter remains a favorite among photographers. One abstract sight after another and around every turn will keep your imagination sparking throughout the day. - Continue reading

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