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Icicles Above the West Fork of Oak Creek

A fresh snow blankets the otherwise lush West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon, north of Sedona, Arizona (Mike Cavaroc)
Icicles hang above the West Fork of Oak Creek during a heavy winter storm north of Sedona, Arizona.

It’s a rare site to see the West Fork Trail, north of Sedona, Arizona in Oak Creek Canyon, converted to such a winter wonderland.  A thick snow as shown happens only a few times a year at most. The quietness of the entire area increases exponentially with a storm like this. Not even the highway noise nearby can get through the snow and canyon walls of Oak Creek Canyon. - Continue reading

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Grizzly Bear 399 and Cubs in Grand Teton National Park

Grizzly bear #399 of Grand Teton National Park and her three cubs near Moran, Wyoming.  All cubs are three years old as of photo capture in April 2008.  She was roughly one month away from abandoning the cubs. (Mike Cavaroc)
Grizzly Bear #399 of Grand Teton National Park leads her cubs across the Buffalo Fork of the Snake River.

This is the famous Grizzly Bear #399 of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.  She’s here with her three cubs that she chased away to get them to go on their own just a month later. The entire Jackson Hole area has become quite fond of this particular grizzly bear for successfully raising all three cubs quite often in plain sight of visitors and locals. - Continue reading

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Great Fountain Geyser in Yellowstone National Park

Thermophiles bask in the boiling water coming from Great Fountain Geyser in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

One of the more popular but underrated geysers in Yellowstone in the Great Fountain Geyser for its size and amazing display of color. I was hoping to see it go off, however time restrictions at the time prevented me from being able to wait around to see it, especially since it’s roughly every 9-15 hours. It gets its bold, orange color from thermophiles, otherwise known as bacteria that love extremely hot temperatures. - Continue reading

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Colorado River and Glen Canyon Black and White Night Shot

Moonlight lights up Glen Canyon just west of the Glen Canyon Dam near Page, Arizona (Mike Cavaroc)
A black and white photo of moonlight illuminating Glen Canyon and the Colorado River near Page, Arizona.

Glen Canyon is just upstream from Marble Canyon, an area of northern Arizona where Grand Canyon National Park extends an arm northeast with the Colorado River bordering the southern edge of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument and the southern tip of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  There’s a great overlook in Page, Arizona just south of the Glen Canyon Dam, which holds back Lake Powell. I visited there in the middle of the night to get the entire view all to myself and used the moonlight to light this shot.

This shot was also featured as a finalist on‘s 2008 online juried exhibition. The competition was open to all mediums of art from all over the world. - Continue reading

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First Light in the Grand Canyon Panorama

A stitched panorama of the first rays of light breaking through the clouds to hit the Grand Canyon (Mike Cavaroc, 2007)
Sunrise breaks through storm clouds to light up a few ridges of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

Finding a secluded spot somewhere on the Rim Trail of the South Rim is the best way to watch the sun rise on the Grand Canyon.  Most people are still sound asleep, much less walking along the rim, leaving you to enjoy one of the most amazing moments in the day all to yourself. - Continue reading

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Dead Horse Point State Park and the Colorado River

A view of the Colorado River on its way into Canyonlands National Park from Dead Horse Point State Park near Moab, Utah (Mike Cavaroc)
The last light of day lights up the sky above the Colorado River and Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah.

One of my favorite places to visit in southeastern Utah is Dead Horse Point State Park just outside of both Canyonlands National Park and Moab.  The views of the Colorado River winding into Canyonlands are unparalleled. Get there early though! While it’s relatively unknown on the national radar, quite a few people know about it, especially people living in that region. - Continue reading

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