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More Bighorn Sheep from the National Elk Refuge

A bighorn sheep lamb during a snow storm in the National Elk Refuge near Jackson, Wyoming.

Here’s a young bighorn sheep lamb from earlier this week when I headed into the National Elk Refuge. They’re more of the interesting creatures to watch, whether they’re just feeding in the snow, or scrambling across cliffs. - Continue reading

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Bighorn Sheep in the Snow

A bighorn sheep ram pauses from eating during a snow storm in the National Elk Refuge near Jackson, Wyoming.

Another bighorn sheep from the other day when I headed into the National Elk Refuge on my lunch break.  They made it pretty easy on me that day.  They were literally just in the middle of the road and right off the side of it.  I made it hard on myself though by getting my 2wd Cherokee stuck in the snow.  Luckily a government vehicle saw me slip in and was able to pull me out. - Continue reading

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Two Bull Moose in Evening Light

A bull moose rests in the sagebrush as another looks out across Antelope Flats in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

These are two of the five bull moose I encountered last night.  The sun had already gone down and it seemed like their activity level was dropping by this point.  Thus, this was one of the last shots I got of them. I was really pleased with this shot since I was able to get a nice panorama of the Tetons with them as well. - Continue reading

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Aspen Trees in Alpine, Arizona

A forest of aspen trees lines the Mount Escudilla Trail outside of Alpine, Arizona.

The Mount Escudilla Trail in Alpine, Arizona, in the high country of the eastern part of the state, ascends up the third highest peak in Arizona.  The first mile or so, from where this shot comes from, is nothing but solid aspen trees for as far as you can see through them all.  Past the first mile the hike opens up to enormously scenic mountain meadows. - Continue reading

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Sunset at Cholla Bay in Rocky Point, Mexico

Sunset lights up the clouds and water of Cholla Bay in Rocky Point, Mexico.

I entered this photo in Outdoor Photographer’s, Nature’s Colors Photo Contest, and was delighted to find out that it was chosen as a finalist out of over 8,600 entries!  It was taken in the fall of 2005 and was just sitting around in my archives when I realized that it would be perfect for this particular contest.  It’s a stitched panorama that was taken with my original 300D Canon Digital Rebel. Puerto Penasco, Mexico (aka Rocky Point) is a particularly interesting place because of the tide difference being up to a mile between high and low tides. Some friends and I headed out to Cholla Bay to get this shot and as the water receded, the colors began lighting up the sky. - Continue reading

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The Moon, Jupiter and Venus, Together At Last

The Moon, Jupiter and Venus converge on December 1, 2008 beneath an elk antler arch in Jackson, Wyoming.

The astronomy geek in me has been waiting for this night for weeks now and given all the clouds and snow in the forecast, I could only hope for at least a clear patch of sky tonight.  Amazingly, I had a perfect sky as twilight rolled in tonight, giving me all the time and shots I could want of the alignment of Jupiter, Venus and the moon.  I headed to Jackson’s town square since I had been wanting pictures of the Christmas lights decorated there anyway.  This is looking through the southwest antler arch on the square.  The moon is obvious.  Venus is the bottom star (planet) and Jupiter is on the right, all arranged neatly within the antlers hanging from the arch that say “Jackson Hole, WY” on the other side. - Continue reading

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