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Two Coyotes Fighting in Grand Teton National Park

Two coyotes fighting near Kelly, Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park (Mike Cavaroc)
Two coyotes fight on a winter day near Kelly, Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park.

The other day, while driving through Grand Teton National Park, I came across a pack of coyotes. It seemed to be two females and two males. One male was much more dominant than the other and was easily running off the other. He even wound up chasing the other away for roughly a mile or two, but once the sun set below the mountains, they both just lied down where they were and were done for the day.
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Havasu Falls Night Shot in Outdoor Photographer

Havasu Falls Night Shot in Outdoor Photographer

As promised, here is the page scan of the Favorite Places section of Outdoor Photographer with my Havasu Falls night shot.  Obviously, I did the enlargement and effects, so everything beneath that is the actual page.  It’s definitely a great honor and sure to be the first of many from here on out!  Thanks everyone for all the support thus far and to Andy for pointing it out to me this morning.
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Havasu Falls Night Shot Published in Outdoor Photographer!

A night shot of Havasu Falls and its pools along Havasu Creek on the Havasupai Reservation of the Grand Canyon, Arizona. (Mike Cavaroc, 2007)
Stars trail above Havasu Falls at night on the Havasupai Reservation in the Grand Canyon.

I just discovered that this photo is currently in the Favorite Places section of the April 2009 issue of Outdoor Photographer. The shot itself is from the Havasupai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon and this particular waterfall, Havasu Falls, is one of the most photographed in the world. Yet before visiting for the first time I had never seen a night shot of it, so I set out to do one and this is what I came back with.
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