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Star Trails Over the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains

Stars trail across the sky over the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains in eastern California.

This is another taken from the campgrounds at the Alabama Hills along the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The temperature at night only got down into the 40s so it made for excellent camping weather. The great thing about the Alabama Hills is you’re at roughly 5000 feet above sea level, and just to the west are some of the country’s highest peaks. In addition to all the boulders that make for a great foreground, the high desert and snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is also quite an intriguing subject. – Continue reading

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Milky Way and Night Sky Over Big Lagoon County Park, California

The Milky Way seemingly stretching out from a campfire at Big Lagoon County Park, California.

The first week or so of the whole trip prevented me from getting any shots of my favorite time of day: night time. The first night was entirely too cold so I wound up getting to sleep early and then every night thereafter was too cloudy. That is until I made it to Big Lagoon County Park in Northern California. This just happened to turn into something that I really liked just from pointing the camera in different directions and trying out different compositions. But it definitely turned into something that I really enjoy. – Continue reading

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Fall Leaves Along Highway 26 in Oregon

Fall leaves change on maple trees along Highway 26 in Central Oregon.

Not even realizing it, mid-October turned out to be the perfect time of year to be driving through Oregon. Fall leaves were at their peak all along Highway 26 and made for an amazing display for practically the entire drive. Highway 26 itself is an extremely scenic drive that crosses virtually the entire state and in addition to all the fall colors, also passes by John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, among other things. – Continue reading

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Sweet Creek Hike Near Mapleton, Oregon

Sweet Creek Trail in Western Oregon’ alt=’Sweet Creek flows through a lush forest in Western Oregon.

The Sweet Creek Trail begins just outside of a small community called Mapleton, Oregon. I hiked it with my aunt on the way out of Eugene heading toward the Oregon coast. It’s a great representation of the Pacific Northwest and lush, old growth forests that are found all over Oregon. The hike goes up for one mile before reaching a small waterfall that naturally varies with the seasons. Given that it was fall there wasn’t too much force behind it, however it can change dramatically in the spring. – Continue reading

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Camping at Dead Horse Point State Park and Trip Update

A tent is illuminated from the inside as night falls over Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah.

First of all, this one is not from this current trip, but a past trip to the Moab, Utah area at one of my favorite relatively unknown locations, Dead Horse Point State Park. With Arches and Canyonlands National Parks right next door, it’s often easy to overlook a state park. However this one offers a view of the Colorado River and its canyons that competes with any national park. I’m expecting to pass through the area some time next week and will hopefully have some great new shots of Moab and its surrounding areas. I’ve been having a lot of fun here in Phoenix, Arizona catching up with a lot of friends and revisiting old hikes. I’ll finally be leaving on Monday though and beginning the last leg of the trip which I’ve been looking forward to most which will bring me through much of southern Utah. – Continue reading

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Jackson, Wyoming and Trip Update

Sunset colors the clouds above the Teton Mountains and Jackson, Wyoming, as seen from Snow King.

The trip thus far has been outstanding and I’ve got plenty of photos that I’m anxious to share just as soon as I get home, which is why I chose this photo. While part of me is ready to get home, this next and final leg of the trip is the one I’ve been most excited about. I plan on exploring a bit of southern Utah (one of my favorite places) and weather permitting, western Colorado. I chose this particular photo though because I am a bit home-sick for Jackson and it’s going to be a great feeling driving back in after being on the road for four weeks. The photo itself was taken on the 4th of July before the fireworks began near the top of Snow King looking down on downtown Jackson, Wyoming. – Continue reading

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