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Bull Moose and Frost in Grand Teton National Park

A bull moose searches for food on a frosty, white morning in Grand Teton National Park.

I haven’t seen too much wildlife this winter so I’m actually getting that old fashioned excitement when I see something that I can actually get to with a decent shot. I found this bull moose, as well as a couple of cows, north of Kelly, Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park. I’ve seen moose hanging out in the area before but never saw too many great shots with them so I grabbed a few snapshots and kept moving. However this was the morning a thick fog came through and left everything coated in frost. It’s a shame it wasn’t still stuck to the moose, but I’m still happy with this shot and hopefully I’ll get another chance. – Continue reading

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Night Sky Over Dead Horse Point State Park

The night sky and Milky Way Galaxy glow over Dead Horse Point State Park near Moab, Utah.

I’m having a few issues with my Lightroom catalog so for now I’m digging back into the archives and I’ll have some new stuff hopefully coming very soon as well as what I’ve learned from my experiences.

As I’ve mentioned in an older post, Dead Horse Point State Park is one of my favorite places to camp near Moab, Utah. The views over the Colorado River are astounding and it’s a highly underestimated place to stay. This shot was taken after dark from the main overlook. – Continue reading

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Mule Deer Buck in Fog

A mule deer buck wanders through sagebrush on a foggy day in Grand Teton National Park.

The other day I was heading out to get some of the foggy shots when I stumbled across a couple of mule deer bucks before getting very far. I had only just crossed into Grand Teton National Park when I saw them grazing in the sagebrush. I see them fairly often in the area but they’re either too far back or are too startled when they see me pointing a camera at them. They seemed rather calm this time and allowed me to get a few shots of them. – Continue reading

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Bull Elk Running Through Fog in Black and White

A herd of bull elk run through fog in the National Elk Refuge near Jackson, Wyoming.

Foggy and frozen days make for some great landscapes around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you’re lucky enough to find some wildlife, however, it adds a whole other dimension and depth to the photo. As I was driving into town on the first of two consecutive foggy days we had recently, I saw a small herd of bull elk acting up a bit. By the time I pulled over and got my camera out, they began running for no apparent reason other than to give me something interesting to shoot. They literally only ran about 100-200 yards, but it made for some great shots!

In addition, I had been wanting to go back to some of my photos and see if any would make some good black and white prints. – Continue reading

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Stripping Away Labels in Northern Jackson, Wyoming

Cody Peak towers above a rural neighborhood in northern Jackson, Wyoming.

I was driving home a couple of mornings ago and maybe it was the post I made a couple of weeks ago or maybe it was the foggy and moody conditions I was returning from shooting, but while driving down the same street I’ve driven down for over a year now, it looked different. Granted the weather probably had a good deal to do with it, but at the same time, something struck me and said to not let a shot like that get by. As I stated on the aforementioned post, it’s easy to get stuck in a habit of just looking at familiar sights and not taking the time to get out of your car and actually get the shot, something I’m working on fighting more often myself. – Continue reading

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Migrating Pronghorn in Grand Teton National Park

A small herd of pronghorn migrate through snow in Grand Teton National Park.

Considering this was taken in early January, it’s extremely late to be seeing pronghorn around this area, especially this many of them. There was another herd nearby totaling them up to roughly 50-70. Pronghorn usually migrate through Grand Teton National Park in the fall and spring and their way to and from climates with a little less snow. Hopefully this herd was able to get somewhere safely. – Continue reading

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