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Snow King Ski Resort in Jackson, Wyoming

A night shot of Snow King Ski Resort lit up at night for night-riding in Jackson, Wyoming.

While not out shooting, I’ve been making my way out to the Snow King Ski Resort here in Jackson, Wyoming. I officially started snowboarding this season and can say that Snow King is an excellent place to learn. It’s one of the steepest mountains in the country so if you stick with it, you’re gonna learn. The bunny slope is a little less steep but still provides a good challenge, especially for beginners. Most nights of the week they even turn on high-powered lights for Night-Riding, as shown here. I had just finished up for the night when I noticed the moon overhead and thought it’d make for a nice shot. – Continue reading

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Aerial View of the Green River in Canyonlands National Park

An aerial view of the Green River flowing through Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

Last night my original plan was to get outside and take advantage of one of the few clear, night skies we’ve had here recently. Unfortunately, I came down with an odd bit of nausea and dizziness that kept me indoors. It was gone later that night but by then I was ready for bed. While resting up, I began looking back through some old photos I have of Canyonlands National Park to help me get inspired for an upcoming trip I have in the southwest in a couple of months. After going through these photos and looking up some information, I’m halfway tempted to spend an entire week just in Canyonlands. However I’ve already decided to spend one week getting to Phoenix, Arizona and one week coming back. – Continue reading

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Aerial View of Snow King and Jackson, Wyoming

An aerial view of the Snow King Ski Resort and Jackson, Wyoming on a winter day.

I recently took a small trip outside of Jackson Hole and was treated to a nice flight out of town with some great aerial views, particularly of this one over Jackson, Wyoming as well as the local ski resort, Snow King. It’s always nice seeing Jackson from new angles. I’ve seen it from the top of Snow King, in the Tetons and various heights around the area. Seeing it in a completely new way is always fun! – Continue reading

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Bighorn Sheep Lamb On a Cliff

A bighorn sheep lamb scrambles along a right on Miller Butte in the National Elk Refuge.

After receiving a nice tip that a pack of wolves has been seen in the National Elk Refuge, I immediately headed out there. While I didn’t see any wolves that particular day, the bighorn sheep were out and about grazing near the base of Miller Butte. There was a larger herd near the road, but this little lamb had separated itself from the main group and began wandering around a small ledge a bit higher up. Just watching a bighorn sheep scramble along a ledge, even one as young as this lamb, is a pretty amazing experience given the sure-footedness of these creatures.

For the more observant visitors, you’ll notice that the cliffs are pretty bare given that it’s February here in Jackson Hole. We’ve been in a bit of not just a dry spell, but also a warm spell. – Continue reading

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Barrel Cactus on Camelback Mountain

A barrel cactus along the Echo Canyon Trail of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona.

I’ve been preoccupied with a number of things lately so I have to go into the archives again. This shot is from one of my favorite, if not the, favorite hikes of mine in the Phoenix, Arizona area: The Echo Canyon Trail of Camelback Mountain. I hiked this as much as I could while living down there for a few reasons: 1) it’s a great workout; 2) it’s an incredibly beautiful hike for being in the middle of Phoenix; and 3) there was always plenty of options for great photography. I almost always had my camera with me on that hike and whether it was a dramatic sunset or a barrel cactus along the trail, such as this one, I always loved (and still do love) going back to Camelback Mountain. – Continue reading

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Moose in Winter Storm

A moose pauses while eating during a winter storm in Grand Teton National Park.

Sometimes I have to go out and search for a great shot of a moose to photograph. Sometimes, however, they’re right there off the road on my way home during a snow storm. This is in the southern part of Grand Teton National Park on the way to a northern Jackson neighborhood. One thing I was hoping to get though was a shot of a moose with some snow and/or frost still on it. While I don’t think this was the particular shot I was originally going for, I was still pretty happy with the way this one came out. I suppose I’ll just have to keep shooting! – Continue reading

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