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Hiker in the Alaska Basin Under Moonlight

A hiker rests under a near full moon after a day of hiking into the Alaska Basin in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Wyoming. (Mike Cavaroc, 2010)
A near full moon lights up the Alaska Basin as a camper admires the view nearby her tent.

Having another person along with me for the hike into the Alaska Basin was a little unusual. I typically do much of my hiking alone so having someone else nearby at all times got me a little inspired to try some new things. I’ve got several shots with her as the subject, including this one just before we called it a day. She was very cooperative with me as I experimented on a shooting a subject I don’t normally have the opportunity to do.

With the moon casting a halo in the clouds above, she participated quite well as she stayed still during this entire exposure. As beautiful as the Alaska Basin is during the day, there’s something very magical and peaceful about it at night. - Continue reading

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Wildflowers and Boulders of the Alaska Basin

 (Mike Cavaroc, 2010)
Dusk settles over arnica sunflowers and boulders in the Alaska Basin of the Teton Mountains.

While in the Alaska Basin last week up in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness of the Teton Mountains, we were treated to a nice sunset as some higher clouds began lighting up above the landscape. In addition to the large variety of wildflower displays that were out in the area, there were also many boulders which provided a natural barrier to the Alaska Basin Lakes. Some of the lakes are leftover from snow melt, others are fed by creeks coming from the peaks surrounding the basin. In virtually every patch of grass in between the boulders and rock poking out of the ground were wildflowers. A nice treat was also a three-quarter moon making an appearance over the southern peaks. - Continue reading

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Wildflowers in the Alaska Basin of the Teton Mountains

Showy daisies, indian paintbrush and yellow arnica sunflowers flourish in the Alaska Basin of the Teton Mountains in Jedediah Smith Wilderness, Wyoming. (Mike Cavaroc)
Showy Daisy wildflowers flourish among other wildflowers in the Alaska Basin of the Teton Mountains.

Earlier this week myself and another hiker headed out into the Alaska Basin for the first time. While still in the Teton Mountains, it’s technically just outside of the National Park located inside the Jedediah Smith Wilderness bordering the western edge of the park. August has been described as the best time to go for the dramatic wildflowers displays.

We hiked into the Alaska Basin via the Static Peak Divide through Grand Teton National Park on August 18th and while the wildflowers were on the decline, they were still out in amazing displays! It was almost as if Jackson Pollock was painting from the sky in purples, reds, blues and yellows on a canvas of green. It’s an incredibly dynamic place with an obvious abundance of wildflowers surrounded by enormous peaks, all pouring water into the basin. - Continue reading

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2010 Perseid Meteor Shower Over Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Meteors from the Perseid Meteor Shower of 2010 streak across the night sky above Jackson Hole and the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming. (Mike Cavaroc)
Perseid Meteors streak across the Milky Way Galaxy above Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The Perseid Meteor Shower put on a great show this year! A couple of nights before the peak, I went out to Shadow Mountain in Bridger-Teton National Forest to watch the show. I was surprised by the amount of light pollution coming from Jackson, but it luckily didn’t deter from a beautifully dark sky farther north. I was able to catch two meteors in this particular shot. One is visible streaking across the Milky Way Galaxy, another, a little more faint, is just beneath that almost perpendicular to it. - Continue reading

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Red Fox in a Campfire Pit

A red fox searches a campfire pit for food remains on Shadow Mountain in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming. (Mike Cavaroc)
A red fox searches for food in a campfire pit in Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming.

Life’s been pretty busy lately so as an opportunity to get away for a bit and also to potentially catch a few meteors from the Perseid Meteor Shower this year, I headed out to Shadow Mountain to do a little camping. While I was setting up my tent, right behind me I heard a crunching sound. Naturally, since it was almost completely silent outside, I was a little startled. Upon turning around, however, I saw this little red fox staring at me, sometimes coming up close enough for me to reach out and pet (which I didn’t – I believe in keeping wildlife wild).

I couldn’t quite make out what he was eating off of the ground considering the only thing I saw were rocks, but it definitely had a distinct crunch about it and there wasn’t any other signs of life large enough to make that much noise where he was picking up things to eat. - Continue reading

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Blacktail Ponds in Grand Teton National Park

Sunrise lights up the landscape looking north from Blacktail Ponds in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming with the Absaroka Mountains in the background. (Mike Cavaroc)
Water flows toward the Snake River in the Blacktail Ponds on Grand Teton National Park.

While driving north along Highway 89 in Grand Teton National Park, it’s hard not to give all your attention to the west where the massive east face of the Tetons rise out of the valley floor. While setting up for sunrise the other day at Blacktail Ponds, one of the many pullouts to appreciate the dramatic view, I found for a short while at least, that the view to the north was actually much more interesting than the obvious view to the west. I wound up catching several different shots shooting north before the sun eventually began rising on the Teton Mountains. Yet another example in my array of shots that prove that the main subject you were originally intending to shoot might not be the most interesting. - Continue reading

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