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A Teton Winter – Landscape and Wildlife Video

A video and time-lapse compilation in and around Grand Teton National Park of the wildlife and landscapes.

With both cameras still out for repair, I put together another video, this time using many more clips and even incorporating some time-lapse sequences. I had been wanting to put together a longer video to do this, but never did find a song long enough that fit the mood I was looking for. I went back to another track from zero-project, the same artist I used in my first time-lapse video compilation, and found the music not only perfect for what I was wanting, but was long enough to give me the flexibility I needed in adding in more diversity in the clips.

Most clips come from Grand Teton National Park, however for frequent visitors to the area, you might also recognize some bison and waterfalls from Yellowstone National Park, bighorn sheep from the National Elk Refuge and mountain goats from the Snake River Canyon.
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Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Review

UPDATE: 2011/10/12 – As of today I have been using v11 of this product for a few months now and can safely say that it is an enormous improvement over the version reviewed here. I would highly and enthusiastically recommend v11 to anyone!

In shooting more video after getting my Canon 7D, I immediately began looking for a video-editing solution. I was using the free program, VirtualDub, which has a strong following, but it’s not a very intuitive program to learn and tutorials and resources were relatively scarce. I found myself looking into some of the cheaper alternatives, eventually narrowing it down to two: Adobe Premiere Elements and Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10. I eventually settled on the latter to try and give the underdog a chance, and having downloaded a demo prior, was impressed with how intuitive in the interface was.
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Jackson Hole Winter Wildlife Video Compilation

A video compilation of winter wildlife found in and around Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Lately I’ve been a little lacking in things to post due to some camera issues. After getting back from Yellowstone National Park last month, I sent in my 5D to finally address some hot pixels that had popped up on the sensor a long time ago, as well as getting an overdue cleaning on it. During that time, I began going back and forth again with Canon about the softness of images I was getting from my 7D. I had sent it in back in January and they pretty much chalked it up to user error, which in doing my research, is actually pretty common. I then ran through several tests, made some tweaks and really began to understand how those errors could have happened and why they were so quick to assume that’s what it was.
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Great Gray Owl Resting

A great gray owl rests in a spruce tree in northern Jackson, Wyoming. (Mike Cavaroc)
A great gray owl rests perched in a spruce tree with one eye open in Jackson, Wyoming.

Evidence that spring is right around the corner is popping up all over Jackson Hole, Wyoming as more and more varying wildlife is beginning to sprout up as the temperatures do the same.

Several great gray owls in particular have been seen all within a few miles of each other as they take advantage of the snow softening and melting. This is one of three that have been seen together in one particular location. Another photographer was kind enough to let me hook in to his 600mm with which this shot was taken as the owl was just beginning to come out of a long nap.
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Jackson Peak in Black and White

A black and white photo of clouds hovering above Jackson Peak in the Gros Ventre Wilderness, east of Jackson, Wyoming. (Mike Cavaroc)
Jackson Peak of the Gros Ventre Wilderness near Jackson Hole, Wyoming in black and white.

This is a bit of a diversion from my normal black and white work in that I actually softened it a bit rather than doing the opposite and adding most contrast to the edges. The clouds above Jackson Peak in the Gros Ventre Wilderness had a very relaxing, soft look to them and so any time I tried bumping the clarity up, it just didn’t look right. Finally I slid it back, something I almost never do, and it brought out the look that I was going for. This was taken along Gros Ventre Road along the Gros Ventre River where there are excellent views of Jackson Peak all along the way.
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Basic Grammar Rules So You Can Be Taken Seriously

I’ve seen lots of professional businesses and individuals both trying to convey a professional representation of themselves either on their blog, Twitter, Facebook or all of the above. Yet one thing in my mind that always lowers the bar they think they’re setting high is basic grammar and spelling mistakes. No matter high-profile they think they are, if I see something like "your" when they should have used "you’re," my respect for them drops, and it drops a lot.

Now I’m not saying you should have a degree in the English language, but there are certain things that are so easy to learn, you would think someone would have at least proof-read some of their big stories. Regardless, if you want to be taken seriously, there’s a small selection of grammar and spelling rules that you really should know.

Here are some examples of when to use what and why you shouldn’t use what when:

Alot vs A lot

A lot describes a large quantity of something.
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