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Night Photography Basics Part 1 – New Moon and Milky Way

NOTE: I’ve revised and rewritten this tutorial in much more depth, which can be found here:
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Light pollution from Jackson, Wyoming extends up into the Milky Way Galaxy.

There’s an expression in photography that goes, "Don’t pack till it’s black," implying that as long as there’s light in the day, there’s still something to shoot. While it’s certainly true, one of the most exciting times for photography is when it has actually gone black, or during night time hours. Whether there’s a new moon, full moon, or something spectacular in the sky, there’s still plenty of light to do something interesting. This is the first part of a two part series that will focus on how to do night photography with a DSLR camera. The first part will focus on the basics, such as recommended gear and ideal settings, and will get into how and why to use it under a new moon, or no moonlight. - Continue reading

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Grizzly Bear #610 and Cubs Playing in Grand Teton National Park

Grizzly Bear 610 plays and wrestles with her cubs in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Last week, Grizzly Bear 610 of Grand Teton National Park officially emerged from her den. She was out wandering around Signal Mountain for a few weeks prior to that, but it wasn’t until about a week ago that she began to venture farther out to places such as Oxbow Bend and Willow Flats, giving many more people the opportunity to witness her happiness for being out and about.

Grizzly Bear 610 is of course the daughter of Jackson Hole icon, Grizzly Bear 399, who achieved quite a bit of recognition several years ago for successfully raising three cubs along the roadsides near Oxbow Bend and Jackson Lake Lodge, of which 610 was one of. Last year, both bears, who had been frequenting the same areas, each emerged with their own set of new cubs. - Continue reading

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Is ‘Sacred Land’ Still Relevant?

A springtime snowfall blankets Antelope Flats and Blacktail Butte in front of the Teton Mountains in Grand Teton National Park.

‘Sacred Land’ is a term that’s been so overused and muddied that as soon as we hear it, we think about a Native American tribe quibbling over a section of land or a mountain peak, for example. If we strip away the labels and truly look into its actual meaning, we find that it’s something that each and every one of us have within us, whether it’s a national park that we’ve bonded with, or the current area we reside in. The term ‘Sacred Land’ can really be applied to anything we feel compelled to return to.

For me, Grand Teton National Park and its surrounding areas are what I would consider sacred. It’s why I’m so appalled that hunting is allowed in and around the park because this belief extends into everything that the park encompasses. - Continue reading

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Things to Know When Visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

A small herd of elk walk in a line on Antelope Flats in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

The snow is starting to melt in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and with the reemergence of grass and plants come visitors from all over the world to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, among others. To locals of Jackson Hole, it’s a love/hate relationship mostly because the tourism keeps the local economy quite healthy, but most visitors are completely ignorant of how to behave around wildlife, causing many problems both seen and unseen. Please read on and share this with anyone you know visiting this area, or any national park, so that we can all take better care of our national parks and public lands.

First and foremost, DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE. They’ve consistently had plenty of food at the very least for thousands and thousands of years now, so they really don’t need a piece of your bread. - Continue reading

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Warm Spell of Winter Video Compilation

A video compilation featuring winter footage from Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks and beyond.

Winter appears to winding down here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming significantly early. I suppose Mother Nature felt bad for giving us such a short summer last year, so if weather stays consistent, we’ll have an extra month this year!

For the most part, winter wasn’t incredibly eventful. The title comes from winter being unusually warm much of the time. There were certainly plenty of cold days as well as a pretty respectable amount of snow, but it never really "felt" like a Jackson Hole winter. As a result, much of the wildlife didn’t follow their usual rounds and so sightings weren’t quite as frequent or predictable. Luckily though, there’s still always wildlife to be found and sometimes even gives you a little surprise.

One such occasion was when a black wolf and a mule deer buck had a two-day standoff just off the highway, captivating the town. - Continue reading

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