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Art Association of Jackson Hole’s First Annual Photography Competition Series

Last night concluded the Art Association of Jackson Hole’s first annual photography competition series. It was a four-part, juried competition with a different theme each week. Though I never placed first, I did receive 3rd place in the first week and 2nd place in the second week. I was very surprised and honored, however, when I was awarded Best in Show last night at the final opening. The reasoning I was told was because in addition to getting an entry into each competition, I still maintained my personal style and consistency of work despite the wide range of categories.

Below are my entries, along with each theme.

Energy and Adrenaline – 3rd Place

A dramatic sunset casts a pink glow over the North Fork of Cascade Canyon in Grand Teton National Park.

For Energy and Adrenaline, I knew a thunderstorm would best convey that premise through my work. – Continue reading

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Protecting Our Natural Treasures

A black wolf wanders the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Wolves are a controversial subject no matter which way you look at it. I can’t even mention "wolf" on my Facebook page without seeing comments erupting into the comment feed about how much they’re destroying the planet, causing global warming, and will be the future cause of the Sun going supernova. The subject reached an escalated tension once wolves were removed from the Endangered Species List, which then opened them up to legal (and illegal) hunting.

Perhaps wolves should not be on the Endangered Species List though, nor even grizzly bears. Instead, such animals would be much more suited to be on a Revered Species List, ensuring protection of them in the same manner that a national park protects the peaks and surrounding areas of the Teton Mountains and the Yosemite Valley. – Continue reading

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Night Photography Basics Part 2 – Full Moon, Star Trails, and Auroras

Moonlight illuminates Glen Canyon and the Colorado River near Page, Arizona.

In Part 1, I discussed the ideal settings for shooting a dark night sky under a new moon, as well as what all those settings mean. If you’re not comfortable working in Manual Mode (M) on your camera, you should go back and read it to make sure you’re up to speed. This section will assume that you’ve got the basic understanding of M Mode and how it works.

This time around, I’ll be discussing how to alter those settings to account for a full moon, how to capture star trails, and also how to photograph the northern or southern lights, aka the Aurora Borealis or Australis, respectively.

Understanding The Histogram

Before moving further, it’s important to understand the histogram as displayed within the camera. Put simply, the histogram shows you the light that was captured in a given scene. – Continue reading

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