Tree Trunk Winter Abstract

Snow-covered pine and spruce trees create an abstract landscape in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Last year, I headed into the interior of Yellowstone National Park with another photographer. We were riding a snowcoach in and out, both times during a snow storm, and there was also plenty of fresh snow from days prior. On the rides in and out, the two of us noted how much more vibrant the trunks of the trees were in certain places. The snow built up on the branches and needles muted the greens of the pine and spruce leaving the brown of the bark the only really noticeable color. Reflected against solid whites and set against what the eye perceived as blacks, or at least dark tones, they popped out in ways neither of us had ever really noticed before. There were only a few ideal locations where it was really evident, but those unfortunately weren’t stops that the snowcoach was going to make. – Continue reading

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Silence Your Critics

Light on the walls at Pueblo Bonito create an abstract photo in Chaco Culture National Historic Park.

It’s easy to enjoy receiving feedback from others, and in many cases, it provides helpful tips and techniques to help us evolve. There are times, however, where we let other peoples’ opinions dictate how we should be following our passion. Consistently following their advice, no matter what their rank or recognition or how well-meaning they mean to be, can be detrimental to your work.

The title of this blog post could be misinterpreted to mean create a body of work that awes and inspires them, rather than giving them something to critique. Yet I don’t mean that at all. When I say "silence your critics," I mean let them say whatever they want, but don’t let somebody else’s subjective opinions define how you should express yourself. – Continue reading

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Cliff Palace Black and White at Mesa Verde National Park

Ruins at the Cliff Palace of Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado stand intact after hundreds of years.

Note: This is a minimally processed photo. I’m on my laptop so the final version may or may not change in terms of processing once I’m back home.

The Cliff Palace ruins at Mesa Verde National Park are a remarkable sight to see. For $3, I was able to take a quick tour of it led by a ranger providing all kinds of insight into its history. Unfortunately though, one of the pieces of information he gave us was that we could probably some of the last people to go near it.

He began to discuss the history on how it was built and that it simply wasn’t ideal for the long-term and that the entire structure itself is becoming very unstable. As a result, Mesa Verde National Park is currently considering closing Cliff Palace permanently beginning in the spring of 2012. – Continue reading

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Fall Colors and the Moose-Wilson Road Controversy

Fall leaves decorate aspen trees and hawthorn bushes along Moose-Wilson Road in Grand Teton National Park.

Yesterday, the Moose-Wilson Road opened up after a number of days of being closed early, due to grizzly bears being seen there for the first time since Grand Teton National Park’s inception. Many cried foul, but the park service stood its ground and kept it closed as long as grizzlies were present. With so many black bears seen every year on the road, why the sudden change in policy? Was it really worth closing off an entire road?

The park cites that "…when there is a conflict between conserving resources and values and providing for the enjoyment of them, conservation is to be predominant." My first reaction was to side with those that felt the park had gone too far, but once I got past the fact that I wasn’t getting photos of my favorite animal, I accepted the extra protection. – Continue reading

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French Quarter Abstract

A front door and vines create an abstract image in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Loiusiana.

As mentioned, the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana makes for some great abstract photography. Bold colors and in this case, even plant life, can create an abstract photo as unique as any other location. This will probably be the last abstract blog post from the trip, so if you want to see more, be sure to visit the full gallery! – Continue reading

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French Quarter Abstract

An abstract photo of a front door found in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.

While you can do abstract photography virtually anywhere, there are few places I’ve come across where it’s as easy as it is in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. Bright, bold colors mix with old, weathered stone offering up limitless possibilities for photographers leaving every doorway to offer up a completely new shot. It’s why the French Quarter remains a favorite among photographers. One abstract sight after another and around every turn will keep your imagination sparking throughout the day. – Continue reading

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