Grizzly Bear Cub of #399 Standing

One of Grizzly Bear #399′s three cubs stands in a field of wildflowers in Grand Teton National Park.

I’ve finally begun getting a good amount of photos done on the grizzlies and while I’m very happy with what I came back with, the itch to get back up there is growing stronger and stronger.

On one evening, Grizzly Bear #399 and her three new cubs were grazing in a field of wildflowers, offering up some incredible shots. The cubs look incredibly healthy and lucky for us, never get tired of playing. Naturally, crowds have begun growing as she makes her appearances, and while it’s wearing down the patience for some, it’s definitely nice to see this bear offering up so much happiness for so many people. Please continue to watch this bear at a respectful distance and they’ll be around for years to come to continue to spread the joy that they have been doing. – Continue reading

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Two Cubs of Grizzly Bear #399

Two of grizzly bear #399′s three cubs of the year walk along a log in Grand Teton National Park.

I returned late last night from having four or five of the best days I’ve ever spent up in Grand Teton National Park! I’ve been out of touch for much of that time accumulating new images of the area, but mainly focusing on some of the more ‘rock star’ grizzly bears of the area. This included #610 and her two cubs, Blondie/Butterball and of course, #399 and her three new cubs.

Early one morning, we happened upon her heading south along Highway 89 and I was able to come away with a few quick shots along the road before she moved onto safer environments. Two of her three cubs hopped up on a log as they followed the general direction of their mother, eager to play at every opportunity. – Continue reading

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Grizzly Bear #399 and Cub

Grizzly bear #399 walks with one of her three cubs in the spring of 2011 in Grand Teton National Park.

After more than three years without seeing one of the primary factors that caused me to move up to the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area, I finally got to see her once again! She had been making appearances on the days that I wasn’t up there, but Grizzly Bear #399 finally put on a spectacular show last night as she emerged in the golden light of the end of the day. All three of her cubs were frolicking and playing and having lots of fun following her around.

I got the call that both her and Blondie were out while I was at home in Jackson, Wyoming, but something pushed me to drive the 50 miles or so up to her area just in case. – Continue reading

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‘Blondie’ Grizzly Bear

The grizzly bear nicknamed ‘Blondie’ of Grand Teton National Park walks along a tree line.

Here’s another shot of the grizzly bear nicknamed ‘Blondie’ of Grand Teton National Park from the other day. While the photo from yesterday’s post was taken out in the open, this shot, while closer, was taken with my car in between myself and him. This was as he began to make his way south to try to find an opening to cross the road. I was trying to help him out, but most people didn’t really care about his well-being. They simply wanted to drive as close to him as possible. If you’re ever around wildlife, please remember you’re in their home. They’re not simply posing for photos. – Continue reading

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‘Blondie’ Grizzly Bear and the Teton Mountains

The grizzly bear nicknamed ‘Blondie’ of Grand Teton National Park stands before the Teton Mountains.

With both my cameras still out, a great friend let me borrow her 50D so that I could get my fix and actually click a shutter again. It was a tremendous day in terms of wildlife, but the encounter in getting this shot sent chills down my spine.

I was heading north in Grand Teton National Park hoping for a chance encounter with Grizzly Bear #399 after hearing the news that she has three new cubs that were spotted with her on Sunday. Before reaching that area, I came upon a bear jam and found dozens of people watching the grizzly bear that had been nicknamed ‘Blondie’ by one of the rangers grazing about 100 yards from the road. He began making his way down the creek he was grazing near and headed toward the road, eventually disappearing behind a ridge that lined the road. – Continue reading

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Grizzly Bear #610 and Yearling Cubs Video

A video compilation of Grizzly Bear #610 of Grand Teton National Park and her two yearling cubs.

With my cameras still out, I thought it might be a good idea to go back to some of the video I shot and put together compilations of specific animals. I started with what little video I did get of Grizzly Bear #610 and her two yearling cubs up in Grand Teton National Park. The rain turned to snow during shooting, but luckily that didn’t deter them from scrounging for some food.

On a related note, #610′s mother, #399, was recently spotted out with three brand new cubs of her own which prompted me to begin asking around for a spare camera I could borrow. Luckily, it looks like a good friend is going to let me use her 50D, so hopefully I’ll be coming back soon with some shots of my favorite grizzly bear! – Continue reading

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