Bull Elk Running Through Fog in Black and White

A herd of bull elk run through fog in the National Elk Refuge near Jackson, Wyoming.

Foggy and frozen days make for some great landscapes around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you’re lucky enough to find some wildlife, however, it adds a whole other dimension and depth to the photo. As I was driving into town on the first of two consecutive foggy days we had recently, I saw a small herd of bull elk acting up a bit. By the time I pulled over and got my camera out, they began running for no apparent reason other than to give me something interesting to shoot. They literally only ran about 100-200 yards, but it made for some great shots!

In addition, I had been wanting to go back to some of my photos and see if any would make some good black and white prints. – Continue reading

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Colorado River and Glen Canyon Black and White Night Shot

A black and white photo of moonlight illuminating Glen Canyon and the Colorado River near Page, Arizona.

Glen Canyon is just upstream from Marble Canyon, an area of northern Arizona where Grand Canyon National Park extends an arm northeast with the Colorado River bordering the southern edge of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument and the southern tip of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  There’s a great overlook in Page, Arizona just south of the Glen Canyon Dam, which holds back Lake Powell. I visited there in the middle of the night to get the entire view all to myself and used the moonlight to light this shot.

This shot was also featured as a finalist on ArtKudos.com‘s 2008 online juried exhibition. The competition was open to all mediums of art from all over the world. – Continue reading

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Teton Mountains and Frozen Jackson Lake Panorama

A late-winter black and white panorama of Jackson Lake and the Teton Mountains, Wyoming.

One of the magical things about Grand Teton National Park in the off-season is just the peace and quiet.  No construction vehicles going down the highway, no tour groups clogging up pullouts, no RVs rushing toward Yellowstone.  Top it off with a thick layer of snow and there’s a deafening silence that you can’t help but love. Looking out over Jackson Lake as its completely frozen over gives you a full appreciation of the vastness of the park. – Continue reading

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Fog at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim

A heavy blanket of fog smothers the otherwise scenic view from the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Some of my favorite shots from the Grand Canyon are the ones that leave people wondering where the Grand Canyon is.  In a place where everybody takes a picture of the exact same view, it’s nice to take a picture where millions of people have taken a picture before and come away with something completely different.

A storm system was making its way through the Grand Canyon’s South Rim cutting the visibility at every viewpoint to hardly anything, at least relatively. Fog smothered the view at the Bright Angel Trailhead leaving only a few noticeable landmarks visible. – Continue reading

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