The Gros Ventre River With Early Fall Colors

The pastel colors of dusk settle in over the Gros Ventre River and the Sleeping Indian in the National Elk Refuge outside of Jackson, Wyoming (Mike Cavaroc)
Cottonwood and willow trees begin showing fall colors along the Gros Ventre River, Wyoming.

The other night I was heading home from town and noticed the sky in the east lighting up to some amazing pink and purple colors. I kept driving, glancing back every now and then to see if a spot would jump out at me and as soon as I crossed the Gros Ventre River I impulsively slammed on my brakes and got out onto the bridge to capture this shot. It was only helped by the fact that the Sleeping Indian is resting in the background and the leaves on the cottonwood trees are just beginning their turn for fall colors.
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Fall Leaves in the San Francisco Peaks

Massive aspen trees shade and blanket the Inner Basin Trail with fall leaves in the Inner Basin of the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona (Mike Cavaroc)
Golden aspen trees line the Inner Basin Trail in the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona.

With fall right around the corner here in Jackson Hole, I started digging out some of my fall leaves shots from Arizona. This was taken in the Inner Basin in the San Francisco Peaks just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona as all the aspen trees between the Inner Basin and Lockett Meadow were turning yellow. The Inner Basin Trail was one of my favorite places in the state not just for fall leaves but for the general scenery as well. Perhaps that’s how I found my way to Jackson Hole, since the whole area looks like the caldera of the San Francsico Peaks.
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