Delicate Arch Under the Milky Way Galaxy

Delicate Arch stands below the Milky Way Galaxy in Arches National Park, Utah.

Note: This is a minimally processed photo. I’m on my laptop so the final version may or may not change in terms of processing once I’m back home.

Since I had never really gotten the chance to explore Arches National Park on my own before this trip, I wanted to make the most of it, and that meant spending a few hours at the park’s most prominent feature, Delicate Arch.

Despite it being photographed from virtually every angle and time of day, as well as not having any clouds in the sky that evening, I knew I wasn’t going to get anything groundbreakingly new, so I simply went up and enjoyed myself and took the best photos I knew how to do. I wound up meeting a couple of other photographers who were out to do the same thing, and we spent the next few hours shooting into night with a howling wind pounding us with a frigid wind chill. – Continue reading

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Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park

Sunrise lights up the bottom of Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

I’ve spent the last few days here in Moab, Utah, which I like to describe as a Jackson Hole in the desert. It’s a beautiful place with all kinds of outdoor activities, set in dramatically natural, sandstone carvings all over the landscape.

One of the more iconic spots is sunrise on Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park’s, Island in the Sky District. The high altitude of the landscape looking above the valley below is just high enough for the first light of day to illuminate the bottom of the arch, creating a unique glow hard to find in any other location.

Before Moab, I was in Hovenweep National Monument and also in Chaco Culture National Historic Park enjoying much more productivity on the trip. Given the time, I’m going to begin heading down to Phoenix from here to visit some friends and some sites I took for granted while living there. – Continue reading

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