The 12 Best Photos from 2011


Pilgrim Mountain in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming rests under glowing sunset clouds.

I found myself rather unproductive in early 2011 in terms of stills. With the recent purchase of a 7D and getting it up to working order, as well as discovering time-lapse photography, my still photography became a bit stagnant. As a result, most of my work was in the form of a time-lapse and before finding a good balance of time-lapse, video and still, I even wondered if I would move entirely into video. Eventually the balance did work itself out and once I had my 7D back and functioning properly the following spring, it was full-steam ahead in every direction!

I discovered this image during that time after forgetting about it. I was looking back through a day in January where I hadn’t shot very much at all, but saw potential in a nice sunset above Pilgrim Mountain. – Continue reading

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Teton Changes – Video of Fall in Grand Teton National Park

A video compilation of fall landscapes and wildlife in and around Jackson Hole, WY and Grand Teton National Park.

I’ll be leaving on a road trip soon and before I left, I wanted to get all my fall video compiled together into one video. While I didn’t get to use all the clips I wanted to, I still thought that it came out nicely.

The song I used, by Epic Soul Factory, was perfect until it hit a bit of a change of mood. I didn’t have enough clips to account for the short, dark section, so I had to edit the song just a bit so it would fit what I was trying to do. For that, I apologize to the original artist.

Regardless, this should give you a little glimpse into the area in the fall season. Wildlife comes out more in preparation for the winter, as fall leaves rest below snow-capped peaks all across the valley. – Continue reading

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Bull Moose at Autumn Oxbow Bend

A bull moose eats from Oxbow Bend as he’s reflected with fall colors in the water in Grand Teton National Park.

With the falls colors fading, wildlife is beginning to pop back out as animals prepare for the winter in their own respective way. A bull moose has been hanging around Oxbow Bend for much of the summer and came out into the water recently for some great reflections with the remaining fall colors. There were a few from this series, but I thought this shot captured the scene best. – Continue reading

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Oxbow Bend Reflections

Pine and spruce trees are reflected in the still waters of Oxbow Bend in the Snake River of Grand Teton National Park.

With summer finally upon us (some locations in Jackson Hole actually got some snow yesterday), I figured it’d be appropriate to show a summer-like image.

With both cameras out, I went back to some older stuff to salvage some shots I might have missed or forgotten about. This particular one comes from Oxbow Bend up in Grand Teton National park roughly a month ago. I was hoping for a dramatic sunset since conditions looked right, but unfortunately there was a bit too much cloud cover on the other side of the Tetons. Instead, I turned my attention to the still waters of Oxbow Bend and began shooting some reflections since the low light allowed for longer exposures to smooth out the already calm water. – Continue reading

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Where to Photograph in Grand Teton National Park

Planning a trip to Grand Teton National Park? The map below will help you get the most out of your photographic destinations. Read on below!

A Google Map display showing the best places to photograph in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.
View in a larger map

I’ve created a map from Google Maps showing the best places to stop and photograph the sites so that you’ll be sure to come away with dramatic photos of the area. While wildlife can be seen virtually anywhere in the park (even along the highway), there’s no guarantee as to specifically where you can reach them. I’ve pointed out some pretty reliable locations, but in the end there’s really no telling where or when they’ll be for sure.

The two most popular spots that people think of when they think of Grand Teton National Park are Oxbow Bend and the Snake River Overlook, both found along Highway 89 on the way to/from Yellowstone. – Continue reading

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‘Endless Winter’ Time-Lapse Video

A time-lapse video compilation of winter scenics from Grand Teton National Park.

I recently put together a new time-lapse video compilation from shots around Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park. A few shots from Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park also snuck their way in. The music is, once again, by zero-project. I named it ‘Endless Winter’ after the actual endless winter we’ve had here in Jackson Hole. Interestingly enough though, it seems like the month of May wasn’t going to stand for it and as soon as May 1st came around, warmer temperatures and clear skies came with it.

There’s one scene that you’ll notice is a bit softer, both visually and musically. For that segment, I intentionally added a blur effect to give it more of a dreamy quality. What do you think? Does it work or is it too distracting? – Continue reading

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