Best of Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris – July 6-18

I missed last week’s update, so here’s two weeks worth of favorite photos from my guided safaris with Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris. We had a lot of rain and clouds move in which helped with a lot of the wildlife shots, and even a few landscapes! I also hit Old Faithful a little later than normal recently and was able to catch a rainbow at the base of the eruption. I’ve been adding plenty more photos in addition to what’s here, so be sure to check out all the galleries for plenty more and be sure to get in touch with Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris to reserve your trip. Clicking on any photo will allow you to purchase a print if you’re interested. – Continue reading

A great gray owl flies past a bare tree limb in Grand Teton National Park.
July 17, 2012 – Half Day Grand Teton Safari

A small herd of bison rest and graze beneath the Teton Mountains in Grand Teton National Park.

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Top 5 Images from the Summer of 2010

Alpenglow provides colorful light above the Teton Mountains and Hedrick Pond in Grand Teton National Park.

Yellowstone National Park grizzly bear with four cubs.

It’s never easy to narrow down a season’s worth of images to just five, but here are the five that either I liked the best, or that you liked the best, taking Google Analytics stats into account. Most of them came from Grand Teton National Park, with the exception being the grizzly bear with four cubs up in Yellowstone National Park. Now that the crowds are dying down as well, I’m thinking about heading back up there and seeing if I can find them one more time before they head in for the winter. All of these shots were the ones that had both sentimental value for me, as well as creating a striking image that created a great response. – Continue reading

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Cropping Down to the Perfect Panorama

A panorama of a rainbow stretching out over the Gros Ventre Mountains left from passing thunderstorms.

Sometimes some scenes are just too large to fit into one frame of the camera. We see an amazing spectacle of nature’s display and immediately think ‘panorama.’ Upon bringing it back into the computer however, it doesn’t always look quite as nice as we thought it would. The issue with panoramas often times is that some photographers simply don’t want to crop down to what will actually make a better composition. I know if I’ve taken the time to manually stitch together a bunch of photos, the last thing I want to do is cut some of that work out. Doing so, however, will many times yield much more aesthetically pleasing results, such as in this example.

After my failed attempt at backpacking up to Delta Lake, I drove out to Antelope Flats to try and catch what I predicted to be an extraordinary sunset. – Continue reading

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Rainbow and Rain Showers Over Antelope Flats

A rainbow stretches out from Antelope Flats after a storm passes through Grand Teton National Park.

Yesterday was truly an interesting day for me. Much of the morning was spent preparing and buying supplies for a backpacking trip up to Delta Lake. The weather, however, was not very cooperative and I didn’t get on the trail until about 4:00pm when it looked to be clearing up, still plenty of time to get there and have dinner before dark. A couple of miles in and thunder was back, roaring in the distance. Hearing it in the south, I was hoping it would stay down there and simply pass through, not realizing yet that storms in the summer move northeast through Jackson Hole. I kept on moving and by the time I was about 100 yards into the Delta Lake trail cutoff, lightning began striking frighteningly close. – Continue reading

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A Nature Photographer’s Most Important Tool

Balsamroot wildflowers bloom as a thunderstorm casts a rainbow in Grand Teton National Park.

Yesterday I pushed myself to be up for sunrise, crawling out of bed at 5am. Since I’ve recently moved from northern Jackson to Wilson, Wyoming, the drive is a bit farther to be in most areas of Grand Teton National Park. In this case I was heading out to Antelope Flats between Highway 89 and Mormon Row, hoping to be there before the sun hit the high clouds.

On my way out I was debating whether I should head there or to a field along Teton Park Road just north of Cottonwood Creek that I remember was booming with both balsamroot and lupine wildflowers. I opted this time to head out to Antelope Flats and save the other spot for another time. I caught a beautiful sunrise complete with plenty of balsamroot wildflowers and then began making my way back home via Moose-Wilson Road, not seeing much of a reason to stay out much longer since the lack of sleep was creeping its way back into my system. – Continue reading

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Desert Storm and Rainbow from Picacho Peak, Arizona

A rainbow near the base of Picacho Peak during a stormy day around Picacho Peak State Park, Arizona.

I’ve been pretty busy lately with not much free time so I had to dig back in the archives for this one. One thing I miss about Arizona is hiking in the desert. For eight months of the year the entire region has perfect conditions for hiking and with an average of 300 sunny days a year, you can bet the weather will be good. Some days the weather can turn what some might call ‘nasty’, but on the contrary, I say it just adds drama. Plus when you’re going hiking with a group of people, most are still set on going. Picacho Peak in Picacho Peak State Park is one of my favorite hikes around Phoenix, Arizona. It’s located between Phoenix and Tucson and shoots out of the ground along I-10. – Continue reading

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