Balsamroot Wildflowers on the Snow King Summit

Balsamroot wildflowers overlook Flat Creek, the National Elk Refuge and much of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The wildflower and bear activity may be beginning to wind down (with some rather absurd restrictions being enforced by the park service, but I won’t get in to that now), but I was able to capture a few wildflower scenes before they all retreated from the valley.

Last week I headed up to the summit of Snow King to get the last of the balsamroot before they began to die off, as well as on the other side of the mountain along the Josie’s Ridge trail. The shots I got from Josie’s Ridge didn’t come out quite as nice as I had hoped sunset would offer from there, but I was happy with some of the shots from up top of the mountain. One such shot was around dusk overlooking the National Elk Refuge and Jackson Hole. – Continue reading

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Snow King Fourth of July Fireworks in Jackson Hole

Fourth of July fireworks of 2011 explode over the Snow King Ski Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

With my 5D still out, I wasn’t able to get the fireworks shots I was expecting since I was without a full-frame camera. I made the best of it though and headed over to the Snow King Ski Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to watch their annual Fourth of July fireworks show with my 7D.

Realizing early on that I wouldn’t be able to capture the full show, I made the best of the position I was in and looked for opportunities where fireworks both high and low were illuminating the mountain to give a sense of the landscape. I was shooting on bulb mode so that I could choose how long of an exposure to do depending on how many explosions were going on at the time. – Continue reading

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Snow King Ski Resort in Jackson, Wyoming

A night shot of Snow King Ski Resort lit up at night for night-riding in Jackson, Wyoming.

While not out shooting, I’ve been making my way out to the Snow King Ski Resort here in Jackson, Wyoming. I officially started snowboarding this season and can say that Snow King is an excellent place to learn. It’s one of the steepest mountains in the country so if you stick with it, you’re gonna learn. The bunny slope is a little less steep but still provides a good challenge, especially for beginners. Most nights of the week they even turn on high-powered lights for Night-Riding, as shown here. I had just finished up for the night when I noticed the moon overhead and thought it’d make for a nice shot. – Continue reading

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Aerial View of Snow King and Jackson, Wyoming

An aerial view of the Snow King Ski Resort and Jackson, Wyoming on a winter day.

I recently took a small trip outside of Jackson Hole and was treated to a nice flight out of town with some great aerial views, particularly of this one over Jackson, Wyoming as well as the local ski resort, Snow King. It’s always nice seeing Jackson from new angles. I’ve seen it from the top of Snow King, in the Tetons and various heights around the area. Seeing it in a completely new way is always fun! – Continue reading

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